Our main expertise is consulting services and projects.

We have over 35 providing consulting services in the 3 continents.

We serve two areas of consulting: a) providing support, identifying opportunities and obtaining funds to their projects. 

We also help associations, organizations, social entities, schools, sport clubs, communities to structure, entrepreneurs, groups to implement and manage their projects. 

Other areas of our expertise is to develop strategic alliances or partnerships with suppliers or service providers to obtain the best cost benefit in your deals.

We also finding the best and right product to sell in your market or develop the most adequate buyer for you products.

If you are interested to export to Brazil, we have a huge network of contacts with supermarket chains and distributors, or if you are interested in buying Brazilian products we represent premium quality products and we also have strategic alliances with premium suppliers and service providers of the industry.

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Over 30 years experience in Business Development, International Trade and Consulting.