Humanitarian Projects


We believe life is not only business. 

We contribute to the development of quality of life of the society. 

We have several projects that we support, consult and or help the management team.

We search for companies, groups that are willing to collaborate and or help human kind to develop their potential and in the moments of crisis, we support them.

If you have a project that need resources, maybe we can help you!

Please contact us for to obtain more details on the projects we have or to register your project with us.

Associations, NGOs, Groups, Entities that we support


Ouro no Esporte (Gold in Sports) is a project developed by prof. Ana Paula Adami who seeks to discover new talents in sport, children and young people with willingness and determination, waiting for an opportunity, a look, a chance to show their potential, that is, that gift that is born with each one of us and many, sometimes doesn't find a way to be appreciated, empowered or directed towards success. That's our goal. Ouro no Esporte is a window, a showcase, a chance to discover the hidden talents in the country of Brazil. Ouro no Esporte is a helping hand, in search of unique athletes, who just need support and someone who believes in their potential, to become extraordinary and stand out in national sport.


A regional association that provide educational, health and recreational activities to their community. The Association of Residents and Friends of the Vila Fátima Neighborhood, founded in 1993. It plays an extremely important role within the political and social sphere of Brazilian cities. We act as a joining force to claim rights, these initiatives can also contribute to making community life even more enjoyable. We offer socio-cultural moments throughout the year, fulfilling the festive calendar for its community, such as: Carnival, Mother's Day, Saint John's Day, Father's Day, Children's Day, Christmas, and Performing Arts Shows.


SINDER was established and has been operating since August 1996 for the purposes of coordination, defense and legal representation of companies in the category on a nationwide territorial basis, comprising all States and Union Territories. The creation of the National Union of Tele and radiocommunications Companies – SINDER gave it the legitimacy to make itself heard in government forums and claim its participation in the development of standards and legal provisions that are of interest to the sector. The Union will also have a decisive role in defining policies and guidelines of common interests to guide negotiations between capital and work. Among the Union's responsibilities, the pursuit of training talent pool for the sector, promoting events and encouraging the dissemination of information in general. We provide support to the associates, creating strategic alliances with providers of products and services, reducing their cost of operations.